Reaction mechanisms over Palladium

1) Surface reactions: Catalytic combustion of hydrogen on palladium

Version: 1.0 (Summer 1994)
Evaluation:evaluated by comparison between simulated and experimentally determined catalytic ignition temperatures for stagnation point flows on an electrically heated palladium foil.
Reference: O. Deutschmann, R. Schmidt, F. Behrendt, J. Warnatz. Proc. Combust. Inst. 26 (1996) 1747-1754.

2) Surface reactions: Catalytic oxidation of methane over reduced palladium

Version: 1.0 (2016)
Evaluation: evaluated based on experimentally axially space resolved concentration profiles at steady-state for partial and total oxidation of methane within a channel flow reactor over Pd/Al2O3 catalyst at 900 - 1100 K, 1013 mbar, C/O-ratios = 0.8 - 1.1, 80 vol.-% N2 dilution; comparison with experimentally reported light-off profiles in an annular flow reactor (900 - 1200 K) under fuel-lean conditions (C/O-ratio = 0.125) as well as experimentally reported species concentrations over a Pd-foil catalyst under fuel-rich conditions (C/O-ratio = 1.0) at different temperatures (950 - 1200 K). Surface kinetics is thermodynamically consistent for a temperature range 273 – 1400K.
Reference:H. Stotz, L. Maier, O. Deutschmann, Methane Oxidation over Palladium: On the Mechanism in Fuel-Rich Mixtures at High Temperatures, Topics in Catalysis: Catalysis and environmental protection, accepted (2016).


Fuel on Surface

Gasphase kinetics