Reaction mechanisms for ethane

1) Surface and gas phase reactions: Oxy-dehydrogenation of ethane on platinum

Version:1.0 (Spring 2000)
Evaluation: validated by comparison between calculated and experimentally determined selectivity and conversion of C2H6 to C2H4 and H2 in CSTR reactor (C2H6/O2 = 1.5 – 2.1, 800 – 1250K) using ceramic-foam Pt coated monoliths. CSTR fluid-flow model was coupled with the both detailed gas phase and surface kinetics.
Reference: D.K. Zerkle, M.D. Allendorf, M. Wolf, O. Deutschmann. J. Catal. 196 (2000) 18-39.


Fuel on Surface

Gasphase kinetics